We are both working as physicians/clinicians.
Lena, is a specialist in Internal Medicine as well as Endocrinology at Danderyd University Hospital, just north of Stockholm, and works mainly with diabetes patients.
Anders is a specialist in Urology and presently (Feb 2013) works at a private clinic, Aleris in Täby.
We have earlier done medical research at the Karolinska Institute and both have PhD:s, here are the links to Anders' thesis (1997) and Lena's thesis (2000).

We also enjoy
giving lectures and courses, mainly about our medical specialities e.g. for colleagues in primary care or in specialist training, nurses and patients but we also offer a mini-course in genealogy, one of our hobbies. Lena enjoys genealogic research* very much while Anders favorite hobby is choir singing.

*If you would like help to trace your Swedish ancestors you're welcome to contact Lena at: Lena@lhhl.se

PS. If you want to read our X-mas letters and see the photos from the past years, see under “X-mas letters”!