Family research - genealogy
Genealogical research is a great hobby that can give you a lot more than knowledge about your own family. With the help of church books and a little bit of fantasy it is possible to gain a better insight into how people in Sweden lived a long time ago. Computers, internet and databases on CD-ROM have made it easier to do genealogical research but there is still a lot of time-consuming, manual work to do - reading through old, often difficult to read, church records.

We have done genealogical research for many years and our main
family file does not only contain our own ancestors but is a huge network of many families linked together more or less tight. As of today (March 7, 2015) we have more than 102 000 people in our file, the majority being from the northern parts of Västerbotten (Skellefteå and its surroundings), southern part of Norrbotten (Piteå) and Västernorrland (Själevad) but we also have many families from other Swedish counties such as Kronoberg and Kalmar.

If you would like to see our family trees, look under ”Släkt/Family” and the different names (
Lena & Anders, Landstedt, Berg, Hallin, Lundblad and PJ Landstedt). You can open the files and navigate back and forth in time in the files that we have created from our genealogical program, Reunion. I am sorry that they are in Swedish but I still think you can appreciate the relations between people - it would take so much time to translate it all to English that we decided not to do it!

If you wonder, we now have decided not to publish names and dates of relatives born after 1944 and still alive due to the privacy rules in Sweden. This means that females are denoted as ”kvinna” (= woman) and men as ”man” (=man).

If you are interested in your Swedish roots
- contact us and we’ll try to help you out!