Other websites of interest to us....
Our jobs and medical research:
Here is a link to Lena’s job at Danderyd University Hospital while Anders now works at a private clinic, Aleris in Täby.
And here are the links to Anders' thesis (1997) and Lena's thesis (2000).
A few of Lena’s diabetes links: EASD (Europe), ADA, (USA) IDF (International Diabetes federation).

The majority of this websites are in Swedish but some of them have English versions such as: SVAR and my favorite site, ArkivDigital where its almost like holding the church books in your hand! Of course Ancestry is a good place to go as well!

Choirs and other types of music:

Our oldest daughter, Anna Eva, sings in Cerddorion in NYC. Our youngest daughter, Eva, sings in Johannes kammarkör and Ida is a member of Sofia Vocal Ensemble. Anders now sings in Danderyds Vokalensemble.

Ida’s husband Svante Söderqvist plays in many bands e.g. Exil, Kepz, The Jets, Barr, YS&H (young, shy and handsome) and with a fantastic singer, Sara Paues. He also plays with Stockholm Voices, a fabulous group that just released a new record. During the spring of 2011 he was part of a theatre performance of ”The Umbrellas of Cherbourg” based on the movie from the 1960’s.

The Music festival Urkult in Näsåker (first weekend of August) is a favorite music place.

Family and friends:

Here you can read about Anna Eva at NYU where she is PhD-student and a Fulbright scholar.
Are you interested in South Africa? Read more on Lena’s brother Pelle Landstedt´s homepage

Check out some fantastic
photos at these homepages:
Lena’s cousin:
Lars Berg
Lena’s ”2nd cousin once removed”:
Teale Landstedt
Anna Eva’s college friend:
Erin Hoskins