2015 March
The biggest news in our family nowadays are new grandkids and they are posted on the family news page!

2012 September:
Lena told the story of her great grandfather Per Johan Landstedt, in the Swedish radio program "Släktband" (translates to "Family ties"). He had a psychiatric illness and was forced to go to a mental hospital where he eventually died. It is possible to listen to the program on-line (in Swedish) through this link or to read the text in Swedish (maybe use Google translate?)

2011 July:
Lena was interviewed about her interest in genealogy in a Swedish radio program.
Here’s a
link to the article and webpage where it is possible to listen to the program!

Oct.11, 2009:
A couple of weeks ago Lena was interviewed for a Swedish radio program called "Släktband" (translates to "Family ties").
The story told was about Lena’s paternal grandmother's oldest sister, Valborg who drowned at age 20 when a steamship, where she was working, sunk to the bottom of the Baltic sea.
It is possible to listen to the
program on-line via this link (but it is all in Swedish...).

There are also pictures and photos there, such as this:

and one of me, doing geneaological research in our office at home:

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